Nonnie of the North

sad bi and willing to try

she/her for now (but dont sign a blood contract on it okay)

My name is Rhiannon, I'm 19, I live in Scotland I'm currently attending the University of Glasgow to study Film & Television and English. SOMETIMES I POST NUDES OR UNDERWEAR PICTURES BUT THEY ARE ALWAYS TAGGED AT LEAST nsfw cw SOMETIMES nsfw and they are mostly under a cut and they are all of me and i am of an appropriate and legal age

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am I sick from anxiety or am I actually physically ill? a memoir by me

am i lazy or horribly depressed: the sequel

does everyone hate me or am I just very insecure: the completion of the trilogy


Halloween on tumblr ideas: ask your followers to submit a character and you have to closet cosplay that character, no matter how inadequitley equipped you are


Short people be like



I found these gifs I made a while back for a site that’s not running anymore, so I thought I’d post them here. It’s a description of psychiatric symptoms and states of mind using a pink box and some other stuff. 

#oh gosh#I feel most of these very deeply



memes come and go but bees and the skeleton war are forever

i lied. bees are not forever. go to savebees.org to learn more about how you can help

#bee blogging
sure do it, theres no downside

im def gonna !!

#tunabatter#im excited
do it bby its always good to let people know how much they mean to you

Im gonna?? I am!!

#hedwwig#ill wait til im a bit more sober but then!! im gonna

hedwwig i bought loads of candy cigarettes!but i dont have a cigarette case yet

but luckily they come in spiderman boxes!!

should i send russell brand fanmail

is that weird

#dear mr brand you are my insipration and when i really want to drink and know i shouldnt i think of how youd be proud of me for abstaining#and how you wont judge me if i dont#and you mean so much to me as a thoughtful person who treats radical thoughts about loving each other as reasonable and good#and also i want to luck your face
Yeah you do

Yeah you do

Who remembers when I pretended to like Katie Perry so no one would think I was bitter

*aggressively adores Russell Brand*

I’m crying? I won’t ever love and admire anyone as much as Russell Brand

Owen knows family guy upset me so in apology he’s put on the trews so

Dear diary, today I cried about Russell Brand again

#do you ever cry because he cares so much#he's so good ?? he's done bad shit but he realised and progressed and he's trying to help and educate and do what he can with his public notoriety#bless my sweet sweet love

Owens making me watch the family guy/Simpson crossover episode because I told him I hate Seth MacFarlane

#I still hate Seth macfarlane? fuck off Owen